Corporate Fantasy (1999)

Director : Charles Randazzo

Cast : Tracy RyanJarod CareyCatalina MartoneJohn GallucciKarl PrestonBrian Nowak,Susan FeatherlyAnna Davidoff

Corporate Fantasy: In this sexy comedy drama, Blake Tyler (John Gallucci) runs a successful advertising agency where two of his right-hand men, Orlando (Jarod Carey) and Kevin (Karl Preston), have been enjoying on-and-off relationships with two of the female executives, Gloria (Catalina Larranaga) and Tammy (Susan Featherly). However, the men at the firm all have their heads turned by Daisy (Tracy Smith), Tyler’s new executive assistant. More than one of the male employees at the agency make their interest in Daisy known, but she makes it clear that she won’t date her co-workers. Orlando and Kevin, however, are determined to wear down her resistance, especially after Tyler decides to make it interesting by offering a prize to the man who can seduce Daisy first.

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